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Smart Cities: A Safer and Smart Future for Smart People

By CIOReview | Friday, May 17, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Smart cities need to be protected. The valuable and future lucrative assets must be protected. Smart cities express has got a big green signal o its way to its final destination. Convincing buyers of the 'smart service' the eager, quick seller will address all their current and future woes. It might be true that we might have cleaner air, waste management, and responsive and intuitive society. A safer community is the most extended delayed promise this smart revolution will deliver.

Trust and privacy

Maintaining a society's trust, both implicit and explicit, and preserving our privacy is what is at stake. By applying faith and privacy principles, the success of these services will depend much upon their capacity to sustain the value of trust and the right to privacy. Cybersecurity requires a collaborative and integrated passageway as this a whole new territory for it. Most of the smart industry events the cybersecurity and privacy speaker and is invariably tacked onto the tail end of the show.

The harsh reality is that in the ramp up to smart cities most of the societal concerns are left overlooked. There are those ' within the cyber and privacy industry' who are making the case that more attention is given to protecting our future states of existence.

A meeting of industry vectors

Poor communication is where the main problem comes from. Information security has always been a technology concern, handled by technologists. The cyber conversation should be extended within a Smart city eco-system and beyond the traditional players. In digital eco-system, civic and government leaders should be spoken to, about security concerns facing smart cities and critical infrastructure.

The way forward

Talking out loud about a problem is fine, but gradually something has to be done about it. Cyber and privacy professionals need to engage with the new decision makers to affect real smart cities design and implement transformation. Smart cities are information hubs, exchange portals and so much more. It should be ensured that cyber issues are discussed as they apply to a living environment.

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