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Smart Cities must Upgrade their Infrastructure with the help of Resources

By CIOReview | Friday, June 1, 2018

In a research paper published by the University of Cambridge’s Center for Smart Infrastructure and Construction, it talks about the opportunity of today’s infrastructure which can leverage data and technology. Breaking down infrastructures into physical and digital, it has described the several benefits of smart infrastructures and highlighted few key priorities in the space including developing a common language for information sharing, the business case for digital investment, data quality, governance and leadership, and security.

But there are many impediments on the way to upgrading infrastructure. It requires investment in broadband access for cities. It requires new ways of partnership models and financing due to the fact that technology-related infrastructure projects require both private and public sector investments. There is also an increased need for data security and for infrastructure as day-by-day infrastructures are becoming more connected to individuals and is transforming as a storehouse for critical data about a city and its inhabitants.

Emerging technologies are continuing to be developed, giving rise to more opportunities for cities to leverage new technological processes and data sources. From transportation to energy, updating infrastructure is becoming the key factor in a city to be transformed into a smart city. But as the cities move towards a smart city mode, they should also look for all the resources and make sure that they are sufficient.

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