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Smart cities: the Digital Future

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Technology has been extremely beneficial in transforming urban cities to opportunity hubs, ensuring better resident life, and enabling safer and more efficient solutions for current civic problems.

Fremont, CA: Technology seeping into every crevice of governance and civic life has led to the emergence of smart cities- cities aided with technology and equipped to improve the quality of life and services. Smart cities ensure efficient transit systems, electricity distribution, and garbage collection through technology and data.

This also makes it easier for citizens to voice their grievances through a wide network of civic leaders and interconnected forums. Data at the helm of technology has also bettered the allocation of resources to combat socio-economic and environmental challenges. 

Seamless Flow of Traffic- Traffic is a major problem in urban cities today, and the seamless working together of private and public transport is necessary. Smart cities devise intelligent traffic solutions by adjusting transit routes based on demand. 

Systematic Usage of Resources- Smart cities have data at their disposal, which has its use to accurately and efficiently allocate and manage resources for the betterment of society. Governments have begun investing heavily in the smart city for this very purpose.

Energy Efficiency- Smart solutions for energy conservation is the need of the hours, and so is ample investments in clean and sustainable energy. Certain tools can also help monitor the energy usage, and offer incentives to further energy consumption among the citizenry.

Ensuring Safety- Smart cities’ extensive usage of technology has been successful in making civic areas safer for residents, through the vast connectivity that Wi-Fi and Internet connectivity have established. This has also decreased the time for emergency response and tracking incidents via CCTVs.

Wide Citizen Network- One of the benefits of digital connectivity is that citizens and community leaders share a single platform. This network ensures transparency and accountability on behalf of both parties. Citizens also have the opportunity to connect, devise society-friendly solutions, and share resources.

The development of intelligent spaces in societies across the globe is reshaping civic lives and propelling the usage of technology for a better quality of life. 

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