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Smart City Development: A Path towards Sustainable Ecosystem

By CIOReview | Monday, November 19, 2018

Technology trends have got a significant boost as new technologies surface in a very short span of time. Technology has helped people as well as businesses in their day to day activities. Smart technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence have helped companies to make smarter choices and be ahead of their competition. Smart technologies have paved the way to build smart cities. Smart cities are those cities where people and machines work together to develop a sustainable environment for the citizens. Smart cities employ digital techniques to build a better management system for municipal corporations and help in the effective governance of the town. Smart cities provide solutions for many urban problems which helps to improve the quality of life for the people residing in that city.

The technologies which can help in building a smart city is as follows:

 Smart infrastructure: Smart infrastructure can help to develop urban and regional areas using the raw data available. The existing infrastructure can also be redeveloped by analyzing the data produced by traffic signals and tracking systems using smart sensors.

Smart Public Service: Smart cities can help bridge the gap between public servants and the residents residing by providing an effective communications system. This will help to improve the safety standards and cleanliness of the city as the citizens can complain about any unattended waste or any unruly behavior.

Smart transport: By using big data analytics, smart transport can help to improve the transportation system of the city. It can also help to secure the environment by keeping a check on the carbon emission. It can also identify the accident-prone areas and can suggest measures to minimize the accidents. This will help to enhance the overall health condition of the residents.

Smart care: Smart care can help to speed up the process of medical services. Patient’s history of medical illness can be shared at the time of arrival. This will help doctors to start the medical procedures early. Smart care can also help patients to book an appointment without any hassles. The patients can also take primary healthcare without going to the clinics through the communication system.

There are several other advantages as well, which are as follows:

Smart city lights can help to reduce the power wastage at the same time providing safer and efficient light throughout the day.

The connected waste management system will help to collect and reuse the waste efficiently. This will reduce the co2 emission.

Electric car chargers on the roads will encourage the citizens to go for electric cars. This will help to save the environment.

Smart water meters will help to identify any leaks in the distribution system. This can reduce water wastage.

There are so many other advantages of developing a smart city. Smart cities will help a city to grow economically as well as ecologically. Many cities have adopted smart technologies to improve the quality of life of their citizens.

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