Smart Controls, Beacons and Virtual Reality to Boost Travel and Hospitality Industry

By CIOReview | Saturday, January 9, 2016


FREMONT, CA: As the days pass, technology continuously metamorphoses new ideas for providing better services in the hospitality industry. Abi Mandelbaum, Co-Founder and CEO, YouVisit puts forward his three picks for technology that will benefit the hospitality industry in 2016. He briefs about how Smart controls, Beacons and Virtual reality benefits Hospitality.

‘Smart controls’ focuses on the Smartphone apps which are widely being put into use in the hospitality industry. These apps are provided to hotel guests to arrange required services as needed. The app has the ability to control doors and gives access to guest-only areas, such as fitness rooms and spas. Another ability of the apps is to manage and monitor room temperatures, adjust room lighting, and change the channels on the televisions. These can be done with the help of phone’s Bluetooth technology. In short, the smart controls technology allows guests to personalize their rooms.

Beacon is another technology, which works through nearby Bluetooth enabled smartphones to deliver two-way communication. Primarily, retailers use beacon to track shopper’s habits and to send messages to the consumers. With changing time it is now being used in restaurants, airports, and museums. It is also used in hotel hotspots. In addition to these services, the technology can be applied to track ways within a hotel.

Virtual reality is another technology to bait upon, when it comes to hospitality industry. It can be used at hotel suites, spa, pool, meeting spaces, restaurants, and other various key areas. It includes equipments like virtual reality headsets. It helps travelers in trip-planning stage, to see themselves inside their destination. Also it allows smart phones to be used as a virtual reality headset. For an instance, Marriot staged an eight-city reality tour with a teleporter set to virtually visit a Hawaiian beach and a London skyscraper. It also helps in arranging customized reality equipped conference rooms.