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Smart Machines Making the Manufacturers Smart as Well

By CIOReview | Monday, July 1, 2019

How smart machines are re-defining the manufacturing industry has been a matter of intense study. The results of the transformation of these processes with the integration of IIoT is has given wings to both machines and manufacturers as such.

FREMONT, CA: IIoT-integrated manufacturing is becoming the platforms that digitally integrate various systems like ERP, CRM, PLM, and MES to develop a holistic view in terms of product configurations and support the process entirely from design to manufacturing. Many leading enterprises have already enabled real-time monitoring to the ground zero of manufacturing. The real-time data streams are acting as a catalyst leading towards a higher accuracy in analytics, adoption of machine learning, and broadening of the integration strategy.

Inconsistent and unstructured data at the machine level will slow down the data flow, making it difficult to attain full transparency. The millions of the legacy systems continue to hamper with IIoT without realizing its full potential. However, the complexities caused due to this practice are resulting in inefficiencies of processing.

The age of smart, connected machines is already here, couriering with it is the need to develop services and software revenue quicker than any transaction based sales in machinery. Machinery manufacturers are being subjected to reconsider the business models accommodated and have redefined product strategies to concentrate on operating systems’ functionality at the machine level, which scales to impart a greater degree of autonomy. The real-time data streams empower a more accurate predictive maintenance and encourage the integration of shop floor among vendors.

Machines are being re-engineered from the basic design to be more supportive of software-based models. The majority are pointing towards subscription-based models that allow manufacturers to sell advanced analytics of the machine’s performance to the customers. The revenue is driven sky high by the machinery integrated with platforms and software as a result of IIoT. 

IIoT is not only redefining industrial equipment and machinery manufacturing, but it is unlocking the sophistication of the SaaS models and platform to create increased revenue. Smart machines are now deemed as the future of manufacturing, are encouraging a greater machine-level autonomy and intelligence.

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