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Smart Parking's Quest to Make Cities Smarter

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 27, 2019

Cities continually need to reorganize their policies on urban mobility. In that deference, they also have to reflect on offering services that will influence citizens' behavior in terms of mobility.

FREMONT, CA: Today, more and more people express a growing need for mobility. Mobility is not only an issue of developing transportation infrastructure and services within the city’s domain but also a matter of coping with people’s preferences and choices since private vehicles are still the preferred mode of transportation. This leads to an enlargement in the number of private vehicles annually, which in turn, inevitably results in an increase in fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

On-Street Parking Influences Motorist Preferences:

As a result of citizens’ use of private motor vehicles, inner-city parking, especially on-street parking, has become a principal constituent of metropolitan mobility. Provision of pertinent information about both alternative means of transport and on-street parking permits drivers to make rational decisions about their utilization of motor vehicles.

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Active surveillance of parking spaces and monitoring of parking fees is a well-organized manner to control people’s conduct and choice of means of transport, which contributes considerably to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumptions.

Smart Parking Meters as the Smartest Approach:

From universities and military bases to large metropolis, the embracing of a smart approach in a digitally connected atmosphere is an innate progression for the communities. The notion of smart parking and parking meters has revolutionized with the advent of technology. Electronic counters for motorists have been constructed, which are far beyond the traditional concept of hourly pay for parking tickets.

Smart parking, an IoT-based technology, enables smart devices to send signals at the receiver’s end about the accessibility of parking slots. The collected data is then utilized to transmit parking-space information to a guidance system installed within smart vehicles for drivers.

Monitoring of Parking Spaces:

The urban populace continues to grow by the year, and the mobility of citizens has become a concerning matter with ecological traits on stake. The cities are searching for intelligent and smart solutions to amplify the comfort of motorists while eliminating its negative environmental impact.

With the use of on-street sensors, new technologies provide an accurate view of any on-street parking activity. This innovative solution congregates to the needs of society to better manage traffic in inner-cities.

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The notion of online parking rental services near places of public interest is also a profitable business model. Many cities have begun to familiarize themselves with smart parking solutions according to the detailed requirements of infrastructure.