Smart Scanning Solutions for Warehouses

By CIOReview | Friday, May 30, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Honeywell has developed a new scanner unit called the Dolphin Black. It looks just like your iPhone, only the hardware is designed for enterprise business needs. The units include a highly functional built-in imager scanner to capture data from bar codes. The Dolphin Black hand-held runs on Windows Embedded Handheld or Android OS and is a small, well designed unit for store, showroom or light warehouse operations.

As advancements in smartphone technology create cheaper and more powerful devices, manufactures of scanner hardware have been taking notice and developing their own solutions to the issues of cost, weight and bulky size of hand-held scanner hardware.

Dolphin Black is a little thicker than an iPhone, but that gives the device a Multiple 4-foot drop survival rating. These units are easy to use, since the interface is more like the cell phone the sales staff already know. With a full-featured browser, the Dolphin Black scanner can run eWorks applications for use in your warehouse or showroom. Here are just a few of the tasks it can manage…

Showroom Quotations:
Creating quotes for customers and prospects can be managed during a walk around your showroom with a customer. The system allows the sales reps to keep focus on the customer rather than on the collection of information. A sales representative typically needs to collect product codes and makes notes on the products using pen and paper.

eWorks software will allow the rep to quickly collect product information into an electronic basket for an account. They can add items that were on display in a showroom area and keep discussing with the client the various features and benefits of the products available. The scanner allows them to maintain a list of products and finishes selected. These are then available for the creation of a price quote for this customer.

After collecting the various products of interest to the customer, they can work from the desktop on refining the quote with customer. They can add lines for descriptions, room names, specific pricing and configuring the size and colour needs for the customer based on availability and project budget.

Scanner Screen sample:
eWorks application software allows the rep to add items to a basket for a quote. They can also search for product and inventory and to find associated items in the database using the device’s ERP software applications.

This keeps the sales rep working on the floor with the customer rather than having to run back to the desktop PC to look-up product details. Keeping the focus on the customer is key. You can carry on a conversation with the customer, while collecting the product information for items seen on the sales floor. This same tool can be used in trade shows to add items discussed with a specific account, so that you can follow-up after the show with a detailed quote.

Inventory Counts:
eWorks applications include typical warehouse operation needs like: warehouse bin management – create or delete bins; stock receiving – scan goods on the receiving floor to improve receiving time; item picking – pick groups or individual open orders; inventory counts – cycle or full year end inventory count process on scanners

These scanning devices are capable of many more tasks around your business, including the typical inventory counts, cycle counts and picking functions that are generally associated with handheld scanner hardware. Again the benefit of these units is size, weight and cost. With smaller units that are less costly, business that may have been hesitant to make a big investment in the technology can now look at very affordable solutions to inventory management and general data collection.