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Smart Talent Analytics to Accelerate Leadership Foundation

By CIOReview | Friday, June 7, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Enterprises now understand that their biggest asset is their workforce, which marks an increased emphasis on finding and attracting the best talent. An organization needs talent analytics to identify top performers and track their progression. High performing employees know that they form valuable assets to the employers and therefore apply comprehensive benefits analysis before committing to any particular organization. Right employee acquisition at the right moment can build a solid leadership foundation in the organization.

Leadership selection firms look at a careful mix of essential skills, qualifications, domain understanding, people skills, among other organization-specific terms. These decisions are often impacted by personal prejudices when done manually. This creates a possibility that a broad set of employees are overlooked, for leadership roles.  Talent analytics solves this by applying data to mold key decisions in choosing the next generation leadership. Data across multiple sources, including work history, performance records, and even social media imprint, helps decide potential leaders.

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Talent analytics fuels an advanced form of leadership, potential evaluation. Data insights are used to understand which employees are most likely to influence organizational roadmap. It starts by looking at successful leaders across departments, finding patterns, and dominant characteristics — this aids to establish correlations between current behavior and future potential. Talent analytics can offer a pool of highly capable employees who can be nurtured and placed on the leadership track.

Talent analytics is never a one-dimensional solution, but various analytics models and techniques are applied, to the assessment. Multiple types of talent analytics, including behavioral profiling, internal baselining, team analytics, job to trait interlinking, and training analytics are most recommended to identify potential leaders.

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With new data sources appearing regularly and computational capabilities exponentially growing, talent analytics is poised to be an influential space. Companies across the world will be able to take smarter leadership decisions fueled by talent analytics. All that is required is a ripe analytics solution and the skill to use the insights the solution provides.