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Smart Trains Refurbishing the Legacy Infrastructure

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Legacy infrastructure is increasingly getting replaced by train management systems where trains are forming interconnected communication hubs where IoT stands out as the primary contributor toward end-to-end interconnectivity.

FREMONT, CA: The transportation industry is transforming at a rapid pace while aiming to provide travelers with amenities and unique traveling experience. The challenge is to provide such facilities within the train environment that operates at high speeds, often under extreme weather conditions and varying landscapes. Legacy infrastructure is increasingly getting replaced by train management systems where trains form interconnected communication hubs, exchanging information among them and to the network control centers. Technology like artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT) are an integral part of such transformations with help from the cloud for utilization of equipment, dramatically reducing safety risks. However, IoT stands out as the primary contributor toward interconnectivity of the train management systems. Here are some of the potential use cases of IoT:

IoT Applications for the Train Management System

Journey Planner

Using a journey planner application, a passenger knows about the live train times, fastest or most comfortable trip according to road and traffic conditions, availability of car parking spaces, passenger loading, and other details. Thus passengers are better aware of the available options and can make better decisions. Further, the inclusion of past data will not only help the passengers with their current trip but also for a trip planned at a future date.

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Passenger Loading Information

Lacing social networking apps with passenger loading information shared at a terminus can help in deciding upon a destination platform as the best departure gateway after weighing the loadings of other inbound trains. Sharing the same information with the passengers in the train will result in a more even distribution within the carriages.

Smart CCTV Cameras for Quicker Response

Intelligent cameras are great assets for the railway management systems as they not only capture the record of events in case of an incident but also provide real-time alarms suspecting potential problems. The timely intimation is crucial for quick response against service outages and potential dangers.

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Other Services

It is difficult to track each of the numerous service provided by the railway maintenance teams. Thus automation of such systems can significantly reduce the cost incurred by the train operator and will result in better customer experience.