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Smart Ways to Optimize Website for Mobile First Customers

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 27, 2019

The idea of mobile first is not exclusive to technology-fueled businesses but is the default position for a growing number of internet users. Mobile SEO is becoming a crucial factor which demands brands prepare their websites for the update.

FREMONT, CA: Over 50% of the world’s population uses mobile devices, according to GSMA Intelligence. Therefore it is high time to focus efforts on mobile search. Attracting mobile customers requires a combination of smart site design paired with marketing techniques aimed at engaging customers and moving them to conversion. Here are a few tips for brands to optimize their website for mobile search.

•  Modernizing Website for Mobile Sales

Websites that were designed particularly for the desktop cannot adequately support mobile search. To get into the mobile game, the brands have to upgrade their site to capture sales that may lose when operating on the non-mobile site. Using adaptive templates designed for a specific set of screens in the site will detect the type of device a mobile shopper is using and serve up the format for that particular device. A significant advantage of this format is that it loads dramatically faster than other options. 

•  Optimize for Local

If the brand has a local business, then their website must be optimized for local searches. Most of the local searches happen through mobile devices. Optimizing website content can make sure the brand has a consistent name.

•  Structuring Data

Structure data helps crawlers understand a brand’s web page content. Adding it will enhance how websites will appear in search results. The search engine allows brands to display requested information in search results.

•  Employing Best Site Navigation Practices

A website that is confusing to navigate will not appeal to mobile users because when they don’t know where to click or can’t find what they want, they are not likely to become customers. So it is crucial to focus on the site layout is streamlined and straightforward, and make it a priority to create an enjoyable user experience.   

It is more than worthwhile to invest time and patience in optimizing your website for mobile to improve engagement and increase profits. In today’s digital environment, it’s essential. The above tips will help brands not only catch the attention of mobile users but encourage them to return to their website regularly.

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