Smart Website: Impact of IoT on Web Development
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Smart Website: Impact of IoT on Web Development

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Internet of Things (IoT) connects the real and the digital world by revolutionizing the interface and interactions between the machine and man with a touch of technology. Now, IoT is disrupting the realm of website development. Making user interfaces and web communications smarter, this technology plays a significant role in developing intelligent and intuitive website functionalities. Integrating various web development ideas and operational models, IoT employs its extensive power of connectivity and computerized sensibility features to understand the user demands and develop the right services. Read on!

•  Intelligent user-web interactions

IoT-based backend communications greatly transform the way websites operate. Although it varies depending on the device and its specifications, IoT adds unique capabilities to send and receive data. This smart virtual network between the user and the website makes web interactions faster, clearer and logical. Also, IoT computerizes the web use cases before connecting them to the users’ end.

•  Predictive maintenance on mobile platforms

IoT allows users to control and monitor home appliances from remote locations. Using predictive maintenance algorithms, IoT builds a web portal which supports continual information exchanges between the users’ mobile platform and device or the appliance. Sensor technology is the main actor in generating data from the connected device, implicitly or on demand.   

•  Cybersecurity and on-site protection

IoT is instrumental in devising multiple strategies, which help in safeguarding user as well as the enterprise data. Websites incorporate critical identification techniques powered by IoT to understand data vulnerabilities and achieve safety.

Focusing on automating processes to an extent which minimizes or eliminates human intervention, IoT technology is known for simplifying human life and lifestyle. Along with vivid ways to ensure customized web approaches, IoT-integrated websites are sure to reshape the perceptions of both, web service seekers and providers.  

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