SmartAction: Optimizing Intelligent Voice Automation to Foster In- Call Texting

By CIOReview | Friday, March 11, 2016

LOS ANGELES, CA:  SmartAction, a self service voice solution company, has released the details on the integration of its innovative In- Call text capabilities into its Intelligent Voice Automation (IVA) platform.

Intelligent Voice Automation is a disruptive call automation solution that creates live customer service experience by compiling artificial intelligence with speech recognition capabilities. The solution comprehends in- call text potential that enables capturing of pieces of data including email addresses. Intelligent Voice Automation accurately recognizes speech, understands caller’s intent, and remembers the evolving context of each conversation.

The In- Call Text capabilities of SmartAction enhances IVA in sending outbound text during a live call. The callers are asked permission through the text message allowing them to respond with the accurate information needed. The permission from the caller and confirmation that the caller is the owner of the mobile phone, ensures Intelligent Voice Automation to send a specific text requesting information including email address for both Interactive Voice Responses (IVR) and agents. The Intelligent Voice Automation waits for the caller to send the response by entering the information. The received reply provides customers and the company with corrected email and data on the file.

The Intelligent Voice Automation integrates with software and web services comprising of CRM, database, PBX, agent support, and proprietary software. It accesses the software to recognize callers and provides them with personalized services. The solution is also used in sending order confirmation numbers, capturing GPS location, and to outlook invitations for scheduled appointments.

“We all know that texting is popular, and it is actually growing quickly as a customer service channel. It’s like built in chat for your phone. We want to meet customers where they’re at, so to speak, and provide an effortless experience to them by capturing accurate data the first time,” said Tom Lewis, CEO, SmartAction.