SmartAction's IVA with GPS Functionality Aims to Advance Customer Support
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SmartAction's IVA with GPS Functionality Aims to Advance Customer Support

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 5, 2016

LOS ANGELES,CA:  SmartAction, a provider of cloud-based Artificial Intelligence(AI) technology solutions announces the integration of GPS Location and Tracking capabilities to its voice self-service solution Intelligent Voice Automation(IVA) to provide better and affordable customer service.

IVA is a cloud-based, artificial intelligence voice self-service platform that can handle call volumes for medium to large companies and combines speech recognition with natural language to enable free-flowing conversations. The hosted service can accurately recognize speech, understand callers’ meaning and intent, and remember the evolving context of each conversation. The Platform then responds with personalized and context- relevant accurate answers.

The GPS Location Tracking ability allows the system to geolocate callers, thereby providing more precise and prompt service. IVA can obtain the caller’s location in one of the ways- the artificially intelligent platform can send an SMS text to the caller’s mobile phone that includes a link, which when opened, sends IVA the coordinates of the caller’s location. It can locate the caller’s position from the nearest cell towers or it can record information from the call and communicate the information to service personnel. The methods of tracking are performed after receiving the caller’s permission.

The latest integration will help clients in the automotive, field services and contact center industries to improve their customer service.

“We are always looking for ways to create a better customer experience, when we can improve the experience in a way that also helps a person in need, that’s what gets us really excited,” says Michael Vanca, Senior VP of Operations, SmartAction.

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