SmartBear’s New Public ESG Initiative to Promote Social Responsibility in the Workplace
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SmartBear’s New Public ESG Initiative to Promote Social Responsibility in the Workplace

By CIOReview | Monday, January 24, 2022

Executives from across the company, including SmartBear CEO Frank Roe, will be in charge of implementing the ESG effort, which will focus on community, sustainability, governance, and diversity.

FREMONT, CA: A company's reputation can be bolstered, and its brand built by being socially responsible. Morale can be raised and productivity boosted through formal corporate social responsibility programs. Employees are empowered to use their company's resources for the greater good when they have a sense of social responsibility. "SmartBear has long been committed to becoming a leader in corporate social responsibility, and today we are thrilled to formalize our commitment," states Frank Roe, CEO at SmartBear. "To that end, we decided to focus on Community, Sustainability, Governance, and Diversity. While these areas are already of great importance to our employees, we're excited to make greater investments in supporting our pledge to remain dedicated to social responsibility in our communities around the world." SmartBear, a leading provider of software development and quality assurance tools, has come up with its global Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiative, reiterating the company's commitment to social responsibility through the adoption of a comprehensive set of corporate and governance practices aimed at meeting key sustainability benchmarks. The CEO will spearhead the ESG programme, monitored by a council of top officials.

“SmartBear has built out an ambitious, actionable, and scalable ESG program, and we look forward to supporting their efforts as they make measured progress in their initiatives,” states Kim Eaton, a SmartBear Board Member and Operating Managing Director at Vista Equity Partners. “SmartBear, like the other high-achieving organizations across our portfolio, understands the importance of accountability and their role in making sustainable contributions to build a better world. Technology and enterprise software will continue to be critical drivers of ESG impact, and we are committed to support the positive impact of our investments during our ownership as we are doing with SmartBear.”

In total, the SmartBear ESG is made up of four main components. Each of the company's global locations has local volunteer and philanthropy programmes to help the community they serve. Recommitments to supporting a sustainable climate, such as those around the company's data storage and office facilities. The management and mitigation of risks at the corporate level and at specific locations and measures to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations and the privacy and security of personal data. Respect for all SmartBear employees and a commitment to developing a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workforce are two of our core values. Several ESG wins in 2021 by SmartBear, which then launched an ESG campaign to expand on those successes. The organization completed a Greenhouse Gas study, received an industry award for philanthropy, recruited a Diversity and Inclusion Manager, and achieved new data security criteria in 2021.

Enterprise software, data, and technology-enabled enterprises focus on Vista Equity Partners, a renowned global investment firm. SmartBear is a corporation owned by Vista Equity Partners. Vista has pledged its support following the Guiding Principles for Responsible Investing (PRI). According to the firm's first ESG Report released earlier this year, good ESG practices are linked to improved business performance, consumer and stakeholder involvement, and market leadership.