SmartBear Unveils SwaggerHub to Enhance API Lifecycle

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 13, 2015

FREMONT, CA: The rapid increase in software applications today calls for diverse and extensive platforms for easy and quick creation of these applications. To fulfill this requirement, SmartBear, provider of software tools, has come up with a platform called ‘SwaggerHub’, to coordinate and collaborate on the workflow of the entire API Lifecycle.

SwaggerHub allows developers to design, build document and manage an API. The platform connects to various API driven tools including GitHub, DockerHub and Ready! API and facilitates API providers to publish and retrieve APIs from SwaggerHub through its open API integration capabilities.

SwaggerHub helps developers to quickly  build API through its built in editors that provides an intuitive user interface to rapidly create the Swagger definition- an open source API definition and helps in collaboration of team by sharing the API with all members of the team. SwaggerHub helps managing API lifecycle using services like code generation, versioning, push to GitHUb and publish to collaborate the different phases of API lifecycle and integrates the workflow with its ability to connect to various tools like DockerHub and Ready!API.

“In today’s API economy, designing and discovering APIs has become critical for every organization building software today. However, the tooling has lagged behind the industry, leaving software development teams jumping between disparate tools or writing their own integrated suites from the available open source offerings. With Swagger quickly becoming the dominant API description format, having an integrated platform for collaborating on Swagger-based APIs is a real boon to developers, integrators, consumers and everyone who is interacting with your API,” says Tony Tam, VP of Products, SmartBear.