smartBeemo to make Social Media Marketing Smarter
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smartBeemo to make Social Media Marketing Smarter

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 22, 2015

MIAMI, FL: Social media management system, smartBeemo makes a novel contribution in the social media engagement platform with its newly developed software. This software sells itself on its ability to predict the best suited message, the relevant format at the most profitable time across all social platforms, in order to gain on the popular social networks.

The tool has to offer its users with some value added features namely Smart Predictions, Camp-Aid and Boosting Wizard are the features whichenable  them to increase engagement, upgrade campaigns, consolidate communication and magnify ROI. CMO and Co-Founder, David Uribe speaks on what sets apart smartBeemo from others, “We discovered the perfect pattern to post on social media. Digital marketers are posting content based solely on creativity, but we’re taking social media to a scientific level. By using pattern recognition and a proprietary machine learning technology to analyze audience and posting behavior, we are able to predict what is the best content that generates the most engagement, and have better control of media investments.”Being built on intelligent lines, makes smartBeemo easily customizable to the needs of entreprises or for marketing managers trying to build social media presence for several clients or individuals working on personal brand nourishing. The management and predictions are currently available across all major social media channels including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.