Smartcone Integrates its Innovative Technological Solutions with Disney's Safety Procedures
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Smartcone Integrates its Innovative Technological Solutions with Disney's Safety Procedures

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 7, 2021

With the help of artificial intelligence and sensor technologies, SmartCone Technologies is cooperating with Disney to develop crucial process validation procedures to offer a more connected experience and a higher level of safety.

Fremont, CA: “We have made a commitment of sharing our safety best practices and solutions with other industries and are pleased to be able to work with SmartCone to collaborate in ways to bring safety solutions to both our Disney Parks and other industries,” states Greg Hale, Chief Safety Officer and Vice President of Worldwide Safety and Assurance Disney Parks, Experiences and Products. SmartCone Technologies, a leader in IoT (Internet of Things) solutions in Canada, has established a licensing arrangement with Disney to integrate proprietary Disney technology into SmartCone's technology ecosystem, resulting in many critical process validation systems. This technology, which was developed in conjunction with Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products, will strive for a more connected experience at Disney Parks and beyond, ensuring the highest degree of safety.

“Working with Disney is a dream come true. They recognize SmartCone’s ecosystem has the ability to solve multiple use cases and are collaborating with us on a handful of projects already, which is very exciting and rewarding,” comments Jason Lee, CEO of SmartCone.

A system is being developed that integrates multiple sensors to assist users through crucial operations, with visual and audio confirmation along the way, by combining Disney's world-class safety policies with SmartCone's innovative technology solutions. For example, the system can use artificial intelligence to ensure that all phases of any desired process are completed in accordance with the company's standards.  In the event of a discrepancy, the system can detect and communicate any problem to an employee or customer via visual and audible alerts, allowing them to remedy the problem. Basically, it's like having a virtual guide with a second pair of eyes. All activities can be automatically logged for digital record keeping.