Smartlogic's Semaphore 3.7 Released with Better SharePoint Integration
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Smartlogic's Semaphore 3.7 Released with Better SharePoint Integration

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 13, 2014

SAN JOSE, CA: Smartlogic, released the Semaphore 3.7 with better information extraction capabilities. Smartlogic users already have auto-classification available and this release offers more accuracy. Clients in the financial services industry who use Semaphore for compliance reasons will stand to benefit from this.

Semaphore 3.7 provides users stronger, more precise classification and improves interoperability with the Semantic web. It also supports very large SharePoint farms. Some of the other highlights are improved functionality for SharePoint 2013 and 2010, better metadata ability for the Google Search Appliance, better handling of large models in Ontology Manager, Ontology Server and Semantic Enhancement Server, and support of Microsoft SQL Server for Semaphore Workbench.

The Ontology Manager now has Simple Knowledge Organization System capability, the feature that makes Semaphore's inter-operatability with the semantic web even stronger. The 3.7 has better extraction from and classification of PDF documents and improved publishing of very large ontologies and their rules.

Semaphore for Sharepoint 2013 and 2010, has improved performance to support large SharePoint farms as well as connector improvements as part of its accommodation of Office 365. The 3.7 has a "default columns" feature which auto-populates columns on the edit properties page. When users upload or re-save a document, they will be able to see the default values, which they can save to continue or adjust as usual.

The Semaphore for SharePoint integration also has an improved user interface, added capability in the taxonomy browser tree, added diagnostic tools and added capability to the taxonomy web part.

The Semaphore for Google Search Appliance solution’s performance and support for GSA 7.0 as well as flexibility in the configuration of the dispatcher is better.

Semaphore 3.7 is integrated with Oracle ECM via Smartlogic’s partner Infomentum. This integration will help Oracle ECM user find information quickly, reliably, and efficiently through the use of integrated taxonomy management and automatic metadata classification and application to content managed in Oracle ECM.