SnapLogic and 3scale Platforms Interoperates to Display Integrated Data Flow Pipeline as Web APIs

By CIOReview | Friday, June 26, 2015

SAN MATEO, CA: SnapLogic, provider of unified data and application integration platform as a service and 3scale, provider of self service and distributed API Management platform partnering to interoperate their respective platform. This will benefit application development, publication and execution of any integration procedure.

Data and application integration experts can assist exposure of SnapLogic’s Elastic Integration Platform dataflow pipelines as web APIs. These APIs will compliment the Representational State Transfer (REST) ecosystem and architecture of any integrated organization and can be operated by any authorized user, application, web or mobile based app through a standardized HTTP call.

SnapLogic accelerate the usage and adoption of cloud apps like Workday, Salesforce and ServiceNow, as well as gain profit on their apps and Big Data investment SnapLogic will allow developers to enter multi point integration pipelines that connect cloud, on-premises applications and business data sources for Big Data analytics as well as exhibit them as Representational State Transfer based APIs. After building these pipelines 3scale API management tools will release them to developers.

3scale ActiveDocs pages based on the Swagger Framework is interactive API documentation technology which enables developers to explore APIs from documentation web. Swagger Framework is an open source frame work for RESTful APIs providing scalable web services. Built-In analytics assists API owners to understand and control their traffic and identify active user, apps and methods to help scan traffic patterns.