Snappy Ubuntu Core Launched for Broader Container Deployment with Greater Security

By CIOReview | Wednesday, December 17, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Ubuntu for the cloud has been trimmed into a new form termed as ‘Snappy’ Ubuntu Core. The word Snappy refers to here as an approach which is faster, more reliable, ensures stronger security for applications and users.

Canonical, the company behind commercializing Ubuntu and its variants, believes the latest Ubuntu release which is a minimal server image heralds a new era in developer innovation. It has a smaller image size while carrying the same libraries as today’s Ubuntu.

Features of Snappy Ubuntu Core:

Canonical AppArmor kernel security system – for rigorous MAC-based isolation and human-friendly security profiles for snappy applications which yields application isolation in production environment

Transactional systems management – also called image-based systems management ensures upgradation of snappy apps and Ubuntu Core in an automated manner. Rolling back of updates can also be carried out – if required – without any hassle

Framework built for scale-out computing – updates can be deployed onto the machines in an automated manner across the million of cloud hosts; moreover, frameworks from any vendor could deliver services to applications by collaborating with Canonical. It keeps the operating system and application files separates. This helps in getting updates in the form of read-only images.

Innovative packaging – unlike traditional packaging, Snappy Ubuntu apps can be built just by bundling all the required files in a single package and publishing them which users worldwide can then download instantly

Docker Implementation – Ubuntu’s transactional updates harmonizes with Docker’s transactional application delivery model paving for greater innovation and operational efficiency

Layered architecture – Ubuntu Core is overlayed with two more layers to make it a production environment, these layers are: framework; snappy applications. Frameworks layer extends the base system from the other vendors in collaboration with Canonical upon which a bunch of snappy applications are provided directly by vendors.

Currently available in alpha preview – as a tiny image designed for ultra-dense computing in cloud container farms, Docker app deployments or PaaS environments, Ubuntu Core is currently available in alpha as a Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM.)

This lean and secure base image – Snappy Ubuntu Core – is now available on Google Compute Engine.