Snow Software And Anodot Join Hands To Help Organizations Manage Increasing Cloud Costs
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Snow Software And Anodot Join Hands To Help Organizations Manage Increasing Cloud Costs

By CIOReview | Friday, June 24, 2022

The new strategic partnership between Snow Software and Anodot offers enterprises robust cloud investment controls and insights.

Fremont, CA: Global spending on the cloud continues to increase, yet enterprises struggle to acquire a comprehensive understanding of their cloud investment. While IT asset management (ITAM) gives a snapshot of the software in use and finance operations (FinOps) assists firms in navigating the bill from their cloud service provider, leaders do not have access to a comprehensive perspective. Snow Software, the global leader in technological intelligence, and Anodot, the business monitoring firm, have entered into a new strategic relationship to assist enterprises in addressing the pressing challenge of managing rapidly expanding and increasingly complex cloud costs. Snow and Anodot are committed to resolving this issue by providing a comprehensive view of cloud assets to every stakeholder in a company, from IT to FinOps to Engineering, who requires visibility into these resources.

Snow and Anodot will integrate the disciplines of IT asset management (ITAM) and finance operations (FinOps) to handle evolving cloud cost management concerns. Companies are increasingly unable to obtain total visibility into their spending across technologies and multi-cloud systems, Kubernetes costs, cost variability and allocation, and bill complexity, hence missing opportunities to decrease cloud waste and overpaying. Snow Atlas and Anodot Cost are making major go-to-market and research & development investments to address this urgent market need, employing core technologies from their respective portfolios.

As a first step in the partnership, Snow is introducing a cloud cost management solution that enables granular cloud cost visibility and continuous cost monitoring for multi-cloud and Kubernetes environments, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, and provides recommendations for implementing cost savings. Snow Cloud Cost driven by Anodot provides an intuitive dashboard for attribution and tracking of costs across cloud providers, apps, services, and business lines. In addition to accurate forecasting, anomaly detection, and warnings, the system eliminates cost spikes and promotes a prosperous FinOps culture.

"Businesses across the board understand the need to cut expenses in this delicate period, and cloud costs are a significant part of this," comments David Drai, CEO, and Co-founder of Anodot. "Yet as investment in cloud services swells, we are seeing a new era of complexities that requires a different approach. The need to address this evolving challenge has led to a sharp rise in demand for our cloud cost management tools, which Snow has recognized. The sum of our joint expertise is far greater than its parts, and we are excited about the ways this joint solution will help businesses across industries get a handle on their cloud management and costs."