Social Media and Big Data Analytics: A Winning Combination
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Social Media and Big Data Analytics: A Winning Combination

By CIOReview | Monday, April 16, 2018

Social media analytics applications gather data from social media websites and analyze it further using analytics tools to carry out business decisions. For the marketing professionals, analytics tools are the life-sustaining organs as they seem to be one of the simplest ways for them to spot and keep in pace with what is happening in the digital world.  Data analytics is in the early stages of maturity, however it helps enterprises make the data gathered work to their advantage by instilling the right company mindset, creating the right strategy, and employing the right technology.

Social media analytics applications provide businesses the minute details of the customers, their preferences, the current trends, and more. Knowing all these details of how to effectively measure the business value of social initiatives, organizations can gain critical insights that help them to enhance and promote service levels, thereby witnessing an increase in bottom line.

There are a number of social media analytics applications for predicting data found in tweets and Facebook posts. While some of these tools come from niche players, more legacy enterprise analytics software vendors provide packages devoted completely for measuring the social media intelligence. By tracking data, organizations can gauge interest pre-launch and use those insights to measure marketing tactics and concentrate more or reallocate their spend for advertisements, and also to boost product performance. The collected data facilitates businesses to understand about the behavioral and buying patterns of the customers in detail, but big data goes even beyond. Simply put, analytics enables marketers with apt information needed for accurate decision making and charting out an effective approach.