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Social Media Enhances the Recruitment Process

By CIOReview | Monday, July 15, 2019

Social media has tremendously impacted the recruitment industry, where recruiters are now using social media platforms to hire skilled and talented candidates and also promote the organization.

FREMONT, CA: The process of recruiting has changed with time, where the candidates have more power during the job search. Currently, the workforce is loaded with millennials who are highly influenced by social media. There is an increase in the significance of social media virtual assistant in the recruitment industry.  According to a recent report, around 92 percent of recruiters use social media to identify the top talent for all kinds of roles.

However, finding and hiring the best candidates is not an easy task as it has become a costly and time-consuming process. So to overcome this issue, organizations are using social media to identify and hire skilled and talented professionals for their work. Below are some of the key uses of social media in the recruitment process for the upcoming years:

Effective Sourcing

By using social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and more, sourcing different candidates from different platforms has now become an easy task for the recruiter. Also, the numerous external add-ins in the market enable the recruiters to grab the profiles they are hunting for and directly add to the recruitment tool. These add-ins are convenient and light to handle.

Job Posting

The recruiters can use social media channels to post job ads by using relevant images, videos, texts, and appropriate data to attract more candidates. Besides, this enhances the social media posting, while being a part of a global social platform helps in attracting more qualified candidates from every corner of the globe.

Promotion and Branding

Along with job postings, organizations also promote their company culture and workspace on various social media platforms. By posting and engaging with people on social media, the recruiters are able to hire qualified candidates from different places with different expertise.

Enhance Candidate's Database and talent pool

By using social media platforms, organizations can find many essential resources that can be used to enhance the business. It also boosts the candidate's database as well as the talent pool, that aids in filling up vacancies at a higher speed.

Get Regular Updates

Social media acts as an excellent tool for organizations to get updates about the current market and get in touch with the influencers of the market to gain valuable knowledge from them.

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