Society of HPC Professionals CoP Meets the Challenges of Cyber Attacks

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 15, 2015

HOUSTON, TX: Texas-based non-profit corporation - the Society of HPC Professionals (SHPCP), has been formed aiming to organize and conduct open forum meetings. These open forum meetings address the use, availability and evaluation of existing technology, and provide innovative ideas to the High Performance Computing (HPC) community. Recently, SHPCP has announced the formation of HPC in Cybersecurity Centre of Performance (CoP), Washington. CoP focuses on developing processes to keep the HPC platform safe from cyber attacks.

“The HPC in cybersecurity CoP is an educational chapter with a focus on bringing together all the peoples engaged in the intersecting technologies of HPC and cybersecurity,” says Maryam Rahmani, Director, CoP

HPC technology has the ability to simultaneously monitor multiple entry points into a huge computer network. It detects potential threats, and shuts down the attack before it creates further damage. With the predictive technology, HPC is able to foresee when and where the next cyber intrusion may happen.

HPC in Cybersecurity CoP seeks to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration on technical and policy initiatives to resolve the growing threats of cyber attacks. The CoP has decided to host conferences, webinars, and Lunch-and-Learn seminars on a regular basis with the support of its members and institutional sponsorship to meet the new challenges of cyber attacks and spread awareness.

The Cybersecurity CoP promotes the adoption of HPC technology to prevent the threat of cyber attacks on major assets and infrastructure. “In the interconnected age of e-commerce and the Internet of Things, the threats from cyber attacks have expanded from personal data and privacy to intellectual property and industrial control systems,” remarks Maryam.