SoftNas Unveils SoftNAS for Service Providers, a Low Cost, Scalable Storage

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 23, 2015

HOUSTON, TX: SoftNAS, a provider of software-based, architecture independent NAS products launches SoftNas for Service Providers - a multi-tenant capable NAS replacement for service providers, enabling the use of inexpensive iSCSI and object storage. It is consumption-based with pay-as-you-go metered licensing.

SoftNAS for service providers is a cost effective commodity storage in form of iSCSI SANs and object storage by allowing service providers to deliver files-as-a-service to customer. The solution is easy to deploy and can run on existing datacenters and on commodity components by reducing the capital expenditure.  

Service providers can leverage investments in block and object storage by using SoftNAS for Service Providers to offer file services for use cases including backup and archival storage, off-site replication, cross datacenter replication, business continuity and disaster recovery, office productivity, collaboration file sharing, and media hosting and distribution.

“Object and block storage are quickly evolving to become the de facto storage technologies because they lower storage costs for growing data volumes. With SoftNAS for Service Providers, organizations get file services and lower overall storage costs, which improve service provider margins. We create opportunities for the service provider community to expand their services and support more end customers' high-performance storage,” says Rick Braddy, CEO and CTO of SoftNAS.

The key features of SoftNAS  includes unifited SAN and NAS which enables storage of NFS and CIFS file sharing and block-based iSCSI disk I/O; securely replicate data across any platform, data center or cloud; easy to install configure and manage; Active Directory Integration to authenticate Windows servers and users, ensuring data access is properly restricted to those who are authorized within the Windows domain.