SoftServe and Intel Collaborate to Enhance IoT Services

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 23, 2015

AUSTIN, TX: SoftServe, acompany that provides software product and application development services announces its partnership with semiconductor chip maker, Intel to develop IoT (Internet of Things) solutions using the Intel Edison Platform.

Intel Edison technology incorporates a small, adaptable hardware platform that extends software compatibility and supportive online environment for emerging entrepreneurs, makers and creators of connected devices.

SoftServe will utilize Edison technology to develop image recognition and detection solutions and to extend its current IoT solutions. Image recognition and detection technology allows camera equipped connected devices to identify objects, people, buildings, places and logos using a mobile app that accesses image recognition software in the cloud. The technology has the potential to transform a picture into a hyperlink to a source such as information, service, coupon or video on the Internet. It can also be used to initiate a search and has applications in security and content management.

“We are happy to merge our vast IoT expertise with Intel`s innovative platform to deliver an even wider range of computing and communication experiences for our consumers. This collaboration reflects a shared commitment by both companies to improve the performance of next-generation software systems and solutions,” says Juan Turruellas, EVP World-Wide Business Development, SoftServe.