Software AG Launches Predictive Maintenance Blueprint to Boost Operational Efficiency of Equipment

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 30, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Software AG, a software company, unveils a Predictive Maintenance blueprint for its digital business platform to enable maintenance program manager maximize equipment uptime, quality performance and yield. In addition, the blueprint extends remote asset maintenance and service to predictive maintenance capability with ServiceMax’s field service management solution.

Predictivemaintenance makes use of Internet of Things to analyze real-time equipment sensor data through machine monitoring toget details of the maintenance requirements. To identify the technician suitable for performing a particular service during a scheduled downtime, technician locations are integrated with replacement and repair equipment availability and their efficiency. Maintenance based on predictions allows equipment manufacturers to schedule technicians earlier and order consumables and replacement components before customers even know they are needed.

With access to ServiceMax’s field service platform and predictive maintenance capabilities, Software AG customers can turn monitoring into action. The Digital Business Platform pulls all equipment sensor data to perform real-time analysis. By generating customized alerts and sending it to the ServiceMax platform,the platform helps in creating work orders. Within one integrated platform, work orders are created and delivered to coordinating service technicians in the field.

“ServiceMax’s partnership with Software AG will add immense value to the ServiceMax platform and underscores the Internet of Things’ incalculable impact on the future of field service automation. We’re very excited to be able to provide our customers with a predictive maintenance platform that will enable them to boost operational efficiency with end-to-end control for field service,” says Dave Yarnold, CEO, ServiceMax.