Software AG Launches Smart Logistics Blueprint for Digital Business Platform
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Software AG Launches Smart Logistics Blueprint for Digital Business Platform

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 27, 2015

RESTON, VA: Software AG, provider of business process technologies, unveils a Smart Logistics Blueprint for Digital Business Platform that can analyze streaming Internet of Things (IoT), vehicle telematics and contextual data to provide logisticians with enhanced visibility and increased efficiency. The digital business platform allows users to digitize, analyze and monetize assets by enabling digital applications.

The Digital Business Platform (DBP) is a useful platform for shippers and logistics providers to analyze streaming data from onboard sensors, suppliers, logistics partners, environmental sensors, telematics systems and geopolitical risk analysis systems which makes it possible to identify problems beforehand and respond to them accordingly.

With the predictive model tool of the DBP, users also gain the ability to predict where exceptions are most likely to occur and determine estimated arrival times before the transportation route has begun. It also provides the feature of real time analysis and aggregation of streaming data that allows timely actions and accurate predictions by merging real-time and historical data.

“The ability to act upon the results of real-time analysis and to communicate reliable expectations to all the parties involved in the logistical efforts is the key to smart logistics. Software AG’s Smart Logistics is designed to enable logisticians to capture, analyze, aggregate and act upon streaming IoT data in order to help minimize waste and scheduling inefficiency. It’s a tremendous competitive edge,” says Sean Riley, Global Manufacturing and Logistics Director, Software AG.

Smart logistics capabilities enabled by the DBP integrate a number of key technologies. The numerous technologies offered by various companies help firms to connect all their different, disparate on-premise, hybrid or Cloud software seamlessly and enables smart logistics processes to be harmonized.

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