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Software Defined Data Center To Make Double Time Progress In The Coming Years

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fremont: For the tech buffs, a completely virtualized data center had too many loose ends which are now expected to be clarified with the advent of Software Defined Data Center or SDDC. This concept is being openly discussed on diverse platforms by many professionals and is predicted to be the next big segment to revolutionize enterprise infrastructure market. All the big players in the industry like VMware, HP and Cisco are eyeing this sector to make the right move at the right time.

“SDDC is about full data center functionality inside a virtualized framework. Its technology assistance ranges from virtualized IT components to cloud services, advanced management platforms and telecommunications infrastructure. Hence, SDDC will see a dramatic improvement in data flexibility and also cutbacks on cost,” says Arthur Cole for ITBusinessEdge.

The functional areas of SDDC include increased visibility across technology platforms, workload mobility management, storage integration and automation stability for the virtualized applications.

For instance, Choice Hotels in Rockville, Maryland had SDDC run parallel to their legacy infrastructure and later transferred completely into the virtual environment. They are now able to support critical functions like booking and property management via the software defined infrastructure. The next few years will see more enterprises taking up this and mark radical changes in the industry.

Recently released SDDC survey by Markets Research firm, MarketsandMarkets, shows this technology will produce $5.41 billion in revenues by 2018. The transition from legacy infrastructure to SDDC may not be as easy as predicted by tech gurus. Nevertheless, it has got the hopes running high in the industry.