SolidPartners's 4G: PLM Break Shorts the ROI Time

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 10, 2016

DALLAS, TX: There has always been a need for reliable licensed software which can help industries to participate in the open market. The newly introduced Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)   software addresses to this by launching 4G: PLM that serves small and medium scale manufacturers and supply chain industries. Taking ROI as the main factor, R&D team develops software which can adapt to any industrial environment.

The feature incorporated with this new 4G: PLM is a transmutation which adapts to any kind of small or medium scale industrial processes. SolidPartners team studied deeply about the setbacks that caused less ROI to the industry, the solution found is 4G: PLM, minimizing the cost of training, implementation. The new PLM software reduces the operational breakdown with good maintenance, leading to a positive impact on the ROI. SolidPartners prepared 4G: PLM to be compatible with both, Windows and Mac Operating System.

The beta testing results of the product showed positive feed backs from the users. A 4G: PLM early adopter Dave Snyder, Director of Supply Chain Management, Miselu says, “4G:PLM is hands down the simplest, most intuitive PLM system I have come across at a far more attractive price point than any other software package available on the market. The SolidPartners team has tremendous depth of experience in the PLM space, is highly responsive, customer focused and a pleasure to work with.” Users in North America can subscribe to the full-featured software at just 50 dollars per month for implementing a new 4G: PLM cloud platform.