Solutions Center, A Growing Library Of Tools, Tests, And Templates, Is Unveiled By Aytm
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Solutions Center, A Growing Library Of Tools, Tests, And Templates, Is Unveiled By Aytm

By CIOReview | Friday, September 2, 2022

The new Solutions Center is designed to provide researchers with flexible and adaptable tools.

FREMONT, CA: Data analysts and engineers are expected to have all of the solutions to their data-driven problems. By learning the most recent and cutting-edge techniques, analysts can provide employers with accurate answers, allowing them to operate more efficiently and plan more accurately. aytm (Ask Your Target Market), one of the leading consumer insights platforms for some of the world's most notable brands, creative agencies, and marketing consultancies, has unveiled the Solutions Center. As part of their comprehensive Solutions center marketplace.

"Xpert Solutions brings all the trusted best-practices in survey design and data analysis to automated research. Simply upload your materials, make a few configuration decisions, and the rest of the work is done for you. Current offerings allow concept, ad, pricing, and claims testing to be done quickly and efficiently." says Julia Maier, Ph.D., Xpert Solutions Product Manager at aytm

Solutions to help any research initiative 

With a commitment to enabling more agile research, aytm has created a diverse set of expert-crafted solutions to assist the curious in directly engaging technology to explore, evolve, and invent in real-time. The Solution Center at aytm is an easy method to browse many research experiments that differ in study purpose, scope, and inputs. Among these solutions are:

DIY Solutions enables users to review and create their survey, obtain raw data, and utilize aytm's sophisticated analytics dashboard by viewing an example that is led by survey design best practices.

Xpert Solutions employs best practices, such as immediately generating a report after collecting surveys and adding answers to the users' research questions to streamline the research process. Users can use Xpert Solutions to add concepts, define a few settings, and then let aytm's automation do the rest.