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Solving the Dilemma of Choosing between Live Chats and Chatbots

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 23, 2019

Technology has brought about unrecognizable changes to how companies function. Every aspect of the business has changed for the better in recent times. Customer service is no different.  Laden with alternatives, companies are picking and choosing between the technologies which suit their requirements. 

Live chats have been around for some time now. Through live chat, companies enable real-time conversations on their website. This is the online alternative of a salesman in a brick and mortar shop. It serves as a competent mode of reaching out to customers as soon as they have doubts or issues. By minimizing delays and offering easy accessibility, companies increase the prospects of being liked and favored by customers. When compared with an email or call query, this is a much faster alternative. The cost of this technology is not much as it entails a few agents who can do the job of responding to queries. There is no requirement of call-centers or a large number of employees. The involvement of a human being also lends additional value as problem-solving is personalized, and chances of conversion into business increases.

Artificial intelligence has made significant contributions in many fields and industries in a short period. Chatbots are also a manifestation of AI technology. Mostly, chatbots are computers which have been programmed to respond to customer queries. Chatbots reduce dependence on human beings and response time. By reducing the role that human beings play, AI-driven chatbots also solve the issue of stress and fatigue that hinder human performance. The cost of AI software might come across high, but if companies consider it as a one-time investment, it turns out to be cost-efficient in the long run. Chatbots have their own set of drawbacks as well. An inability to comprehend wrongly spelled words make these chatbots ineffective in some cases. 

Providing customer services can be done in two ways, either with the help of live chats on the company's website or with the help of chatbots. It is essential that the companies understand the mood of the customers and select a mode of communication accordingly. There are distinct benefits in using the two methods of engagement. Carefully considering them is the ideal step before opting either of the two. Weighing the pros and cons of both live chats and chatbots can help solve the dilemma.

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