SPARK Microsystems and UBITO Leverages UWB Technology by developing Wireless, Battery-less IoT Sensors
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SPARK Microsystems and UBITO Leverages UWB Technology by developing Wireless, Battery-less IoT Sensors

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Spark Microsystems and UBITO develop wireless and battery-less sensor technologies using UWB technology for short-wave wireless communication.

FREMONT, CA: Spark Microsystems and UBITO are partnering to develop UWB-based wireless sensing and IoT solutions. Various industries and use cases like smart homes, industrial automation, and condition monitoring utilize UBITO and SPARK Microsystem's UWB technology's wireless, battery-less sensor applications.

SPARK Microsystems is a fabless semiconductor company focusing on ultra-wideband (UWB) connections. UBITO offers services for magnetic sensing, energy harvesting, and wireless transmissions. UBITO bases its technology on Wiegand energy harvesting applications to develop battery-less and wireless sensors. UBITO solutions generate enough energy to power wireless data communications and other sensing and IoT technologies over the UWB spectrum.

SPARK Microsystems's and UBITO's new sensor solutions apply SPARK Microsystems's UWB technology to transmit data at low power, ultra-low latency, and high speeds. The partnership optimizes wireless transmission solutions through its transmitting power that consumes short pulses and does not rely on frequency generators.

Toby Best, General Manager, UBITO, says, "with SPARKs UWB, a single pulse provides enough energy to wirelessly transmit data from a wireless sensor node supplied by energy harvesting from a Wiegand generator."

The partnership will contribute to the rapid use cases of IoT solutions through more sustainable developments. The future of sustainable technological operations sees more energy savings and reduced battery usage. Industries can reduce battery-based technology usage and e-wastes, CO2 emissions, and other environmental contamination.

The integration of SPARK's UWB technology and UBITO's energy solutions enable more efficient development of short-range wireless communications, targeting sensors, and IoT applications.

"A revolution in sensing technology sensors with no wires or batteries is achievable today thanks in part to innovations like SPARK UWB that deliver extreme energy efficiency to significantly reduce overall sensor power requirements, says Raphael Mehrbians, CMO, SPARK Microsystems."