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Sparx Systems Acquires Exclusive Rights to Prolaborate Software

By CIOReview | Friday, October 26, 2018

Sparx Systems has announced it has acquired the exclusive rights to Prolaborate; the sharing and collaboration software for Enterprise Architect. As of today, Sparx Systems will be offering Prolaborate as a core component of The Pro Cloud Server. Sparx Systems has indicated Prolaborate leverages the model data in Enterprise Architect to allow the wider user community to analyze, interact and make key decisions. 

Sparx Systems' CEO, Geoffrey Sparks has remarked of the acquisition: "Prolaborate is a perfect compliment to our Pro Cloud Server offering and brings the benefits of modeling and design based solutions to a much wider audience. With highly customized and tailored views of Enterprise Architect models it is the perfect platform for delivering tightly focused information to selected audiences in a way that optimizes the content for a target stakeholder. We are excited to be forming this JV with Sixth Force and look forward to a very positive outcome for all users of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect and Pro Cloud Server." 

This announcement represents another step in Sparx Systems' wider strategy to share the information modeled in Enterprise Architect with the broader enterprise. Geoffrey Sparks explained: "As technology has become a key driver of business growth and innovation, business users and C-Suite executives need a window into the enterprise architectures, processes, software and systems that are helping drive their enterprise strategy. Enterprise Architect repositories contain a wealth of information which can drive innovation, and to harvest that information we need to offer a tailored, interactive view. We believe Prolaborate is the key to providing this capability and effectively engaging people in ongoing digital transformation" 

Nizam Mohamed from Prolaborate, said: "The flexibility and adaptability of Enterprise Architect have made it the tool of choice for architects, business modellers, and systems engineers across the world. This move by Sparx Systems is visionary and emphasizes its strong commitment to the Business and Architecture modeling ecosystem. The Prolaborate platform intelligently leverages the model data in Enterprise Architect to allow the wider user community to analyse, interact and take key decisions. Tightly integrated with Pro Cloud Server, Prolaborate fosters social collaboration, agility, and transparency across the Enterprise, facilitating a truly digital architecture platform. This merger is a significant boost for Prolaborate and its customers and will greatly simplify the decision process in choosing a trusted and reliable modeling solution for the enterprise." 

Prolaborate is now available within the Pro Cloud Server tool suite.