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Spectacular Cloud Technology Transformations to Look Out For

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The use of cloud technology is rising like never before. The businesses are now aware of the multiple benefits of cloud computing concerning efficiency and profitability. The cloud is the amalgamation of services as storage, networking, security, application deployment, and management tools. Nowadays people everywhere are inspired by the promise of a new generation of innovations unleashed by cloud computing. Following are some of the transformational cloud technology developments:

Microservices’ moving to Kubernetes: Increasing demands of deploying microservices makes it ubiquitous. As organizations are taking pure Kubernetes approach to cloud development, it is becoming the operating system of microservices. Kubernetes enables microservices to work together by starting containers and providing basic connectivity. Kubernetes allows companies to use different tools to flush out the pieces it doesn’t handle.

Service mesh integration: Service mesh is the recent evolution of cloud microservices development that uses tools. A service mesh is a proxy between microservices that solves networking issues. Service mesh also provides features that help get the idea of what is going on the service and application. It enables organizations to make services more robust and fault-tolerant by allowing easy integration of new services and service-level enhancement.

DevOps’ evolution to GitOps: GitOps is the evolution of DevOps without changing the basics of DevOps. GitOps which is referred to as infrastructure as code helps companies in operating more consistently by ensuring about microservices. If organizations use their DevOps tools, everything is stored in a Git repository and organized.

Cloud Orchestration: In cloud development, orchestration helps a process to oversee and deploy services, compare existing services, and integrate new technology into existing environments. Sometimes Kubernetes and other technologies are referred to as orchestration tools. Companies require multiple tools that are managed by a service mesh.

Serverless functions: Serverless computing, one of the significant advancements in the container approach is able to specify certain actions to be performed based on an event. Serverless computing helps to cut costs by up to 95 percent because organizations are charged for the time the function is executed, and there is no need to dedicate a reserved instance of some node. Serverless is more beneficial for marginally used functions that don’t have low latency requirements.

Companies should capitalize on the advantages of cloud technologies developments to increase quality and reduce costs. The evolution of the cloud enables enterprises to deploy, scale and change services more reliably.  

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