Speeding Transportation Through 3G-TM Services
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Speeding Transportation Through 3G-TM Services

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 26, 2014

FREMONT, CA: 3Gtms, a software company that streamlines transportation management for shippers declares that 3G-TM, the company's transportation management system (TMS) is live at Flagship Logistics Group's Indianapolis operations center.

Flagship Logistics Group is utilizing 3G-TM software to manage their essential functions such as Order capture, Carrier tendering, Margin calculation, Buy-side and sell-side rate management and Dispatch, track and trace and shipment history.

3G-TM transportation execution software assists transportation managers in decision making, reduces cost streamlines processes and addresses the daily challenges of transportation planning and execution.

"3Gtms' teams of professionals have implemented a top-notch TMS solution in a matter of weeks, not months, or years. The high speed brokerage entry screens they have provided will enable us to streamline our processes and deliver better service to our customers while reducing overall transportation costs. We look forward to exploring all of the new functionality that 3G-TM will bring to the operations center in Indianapolis and our other branch locations," said Keith Warren, President of Flagship Logistics Group.

Companies can adopt 3G-TM software in their existing infrastructure to enhance their overall productivity as it is assembled on a single platform and effortlessly manages the full transportation lifecycle including: rating, routing tendering, tracing and settlement in a single system.

"Flagship Logistics Group is leading the charge by becoming our first live customer for our recently launched 3G-TM solution. We know that our TMS will help lead them to new customer opportunities while unscrambling the complexities inherent in transportation management. Post-implementation our team will continue to work with Flagship Logistics Group to ensure they receive the maximum benefits of the system," said Mitch Weseley, co-founder and CEO of 3Gtms.

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