Sphere 3D Enhances its V3 Product Range with Three New Appliance Families

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 25, 2016

SAN JOSE, CA: Containerization, virtualization and data management solutions provider Sphere3D has introduced three new appliance families to its V3 virtual desktop solutions. The new families, V3 Smart Nodes, V3 End User Computing (EUC) Nodes, and V3 Flex Nodes, allows businesses of any size to access VDI from any location. The latest appliances enable VDI operations in Public, Private as well as Hybrid cloud models, through the congregation of storage, server, and virtualization services.

V3 Smart Node appliances, designed for centralized locations such as data centers, corporate headquarters and large campuses, use VMWare’s VSAN technology that provides clustered storage between appliances, creating the optimal scale-up solution. On the other hand, V3 EUC appliances, intended for ROBO (Remote Office, Branch Office), offers workload optimization and multi-site deployment abilities. V3 FLEX Node appliances utilize VMware technology to provide virtual desktops offline for locations with as few as 10 users.

“The work we have done to enhance our DCO software has enabled us to create new architectures for VDI. With complementary purpose built and workload optimized appliances, businesses can select the most appropriate V3 appliance, or group of appliances, for each location to support the appropriate number and type of workers. This new approach to VDI is the physical expression of our vision for a complete cloud architecture, which includes the distributed hybrid cloud for virtual desktops, virtual applications and data storage,” said Peter Bookman, Global Strategist, Sphere 3D.

The latest V3 appliances, equipped with Desktop Cloud Orchestrator (DCO) technology, are purpose built for multi-site deployments that allows for site to site fail over and facilitates simple deployment across all business locations. Moreover, the V3’s flexibility ensures that business owners can optimize workloads and grow their VDI footprint. The appliances are also highly cost effective as they are integrated with the G-Series family of products that utilizes Glassware 2.0 technology while the addition of SNAP storage helps users to utilize hybrid and distributed storage.