Sphere 3D Launches G-Series Application to K-12 Market

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 12, 2015

SAN JOSE, CA: Sphere 3D, provider of virtualization and data management solutions, announces the availability of G-Series appliance for education that is a hyper converged appliance for containerizing Windows applications for delivery in public, private or hybrid cloud offering. It is built using the Glassware 2.0, a container based platform extending the useful life of applications, to primarily hit the  K-12 education market.

The G-Series appliance is a hyper converged appliance for containerizing Windows applications to make it available in the list of Sphere 3D’s appliances. The birth of G-Series appliance was possible due to the success of early access customers in the K-12 market where simple and cost effective solutions for workload delivery have become quintessential to overcome challenges in delivering BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or one to one device deployments. Each G-Series hyperconverged appliance is designed to support 100 concurrent users for application use and 300 concurrent users for high stakes testing.   

Built on Sphere 3D's proprietary Glassware 2.0 Windows container technology, the G-Series appliances use lightweight container technology that reduces hardware dependencies for end user computing applications, and are then accessible with all their functions intact to unlimited user devices. G-series appliances place cloud-scale application hosting and delivery in the hands of every organization in order to fulfill its goal of simplifying application delivery and maximize performance.

"Whether deploying Google Chromebooks as a one to one program, or embracing multiple devices running Android or iOS in a BYOD environment, schools can now deliver simple and secure access to Windows workloads and make digital learning easier and available to all," says Nilesh Patel, vice president, Product Management and Marketing at Sphere 3D.