Sphere 3D Partners with Microsoft; Leading SnapCLOUD to a Huge Success

By CIOReview | Monday, January 25, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Sphere 3D, an all-round solution provider in virtualization and data management has released its initial findings that proclaim the success of SnapCLOUD in Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Sphere 3D’s SnapCLOUD campaign originated in a partnership with Microsoft, offering a cloud-based data storage solution for customers worldwide. The campaign allows customers to utilize fast and secure data access on any device, anytime, anywhere. For original 90 day period, the product has already generated over 100 customer deployments and met 40% of the target goal.

When it comes to data management and storage, cloud is always the most preferred storage platform adopted by organizations across the globe. SnapCLOUD masters data storage capability with reliable security measures. Active synchronization of data will also be available, making it easy to access data on mobiles, laptops and desktop computers seamlessly.

“Many of these same loyal SnapServer and SnapScale customers have also begun looking at our G-Series Cloud, application containerization solution, powered by Glassware 2.0™, which is also available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.” said Eric Kelly, CEO, Sphere 3D.

Sphere 3D yields a large number of SnapServer users including Small and Medium-sized Business (SMBs). With advanced hybrid cloud infrastructure, large enterprises are effectively trying to replace their existing storage solutions. The firm introduces SnapCLOUD to harness efficiency in cloud storage and allow users to pay only for the used features and operations. Users can also avail back up and disaster recovery (DR) policies through SnapCLOUD.

“This effort is designed to galvanize the inter-relationships of the various brands within the Sphere3D portfolio. We believe we will continue to gain traction through vertical integration of our distinctive capabilities that are designed to catalyze adoption of our products,” states Eric. With Microsoft Azure Marketplace, SnapCLOUD gains reputation in the market.