Sphere 3D Provides Glassware 2.0 for Seamless Application Performance in K-12 schools

By CIOReview | Friday, February 6, 2015

SAN JOSE, CA: Sphere 3D Corporation, a provider of virtualization technology solutions, announces Glassware 2.0 for K-12 schools. This solution augments efficiency of education platform by allowing Windows application workspace on Android, Chromebook, iPad, OS X and Windows RT. These applications leverage Glassware 2.0 to work seamlessly on any device and web browser regardless of the platform.

Glassware 2.0 can be employed on one or multiple servers which can be placed at the school or district's data center. Glassware 2.0 appliance enables districts to deliver Windows workspaces, to compatible devices and also allows secure access to portals through any browser. The licensing simplicity through Microsoft embedded licensing mitigates deployment complications.

Technology has raised the bar for effective learning techniques and today’s education system needs more Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) devices or some other devices rather than old lab equipments, for qualitative learning. "We recognize that technology is quickly becoming part of the fabric of student life and are partnering with thought leaders and organizations like New Caney to pave the way for an immersive digital experience, both in the schools and from home." says Peter Tassiopoulos, President, Sphere 3D. Educational devices with effective mobility and different operating system flexibility are increasing in number satisfying the need for an effective learning.

"Having the ability to securely deliver virtualized Windows-based applications to our students allows us to plan around our own technology roadmap instead of having to rely on multiple software vendors to release compatible versions or maintain support for existing versions already in use by our schools." says Dustin Hardin, Director of Technology, New Caney ISD.