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Spirent and Jolata Join Hands to Introduce Testing and Performance Optimization Solutions

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 10, 2016
Marc Hornbeek, Senior Solutions Architect ,Spirent Communications

Marc Hornbeek, Senior Solutions Architect ,Spirent Communications

FREMONT, CA: Network Data is the unbiased source of truth for IT infrastructures. The network is the eco-system connecting everything together, carrying content between users, applications and data stores. The network data contains the authoritative record of all activity, all interactions and all communications from all connected entities in the eco-system. A complete end to end testing and performance optimization solution from Spirent Communications has been introduced that brings together the Spirent Landslide EDGE and CORE and Jolata’s TruFlow Analytics.

The resultant solution from the collaboration of the two companies has enabled mobile operators to leverage big data analytics to monitor and visualize in precise detail and in real-time, in addition to mobile network traffic control and management. End to end service validation and availability along with fault isolation in backhaul and EPC networks is facilitated with Spirent’s EDGE and CORE solutions. Unparalleled network visibility is added in the network for point and segment metrics across multiple observation points post monitoring of all packet/flow in the network.

Accurate detection of packet loss, jitter, delay and latency issues, with multipoint end-to-end segmented vision in real time is enabled post amalgamation of Jolata support with Spirent’s Landslide. This has helped operators in achieving a significant amount of time reduction to isolate exact locations of issues deep within the network with precision, down to device, port or even flow level. The inclusion of ‘Segment by Segment’ and transactional metrics from Jolata play a significant role and provides aid to mobile operators to successfully optimize new services like VoLTE, VoWi-Fi and SDN/NFV which indeed proves that Jolata’s capabilities surpasses just point metrics.

It is observed that the emulation and trial of RAN, Backhaul, Mobile Core, Wi-Fi Core and IMS is possible post amalgamation of Landslide EDGE and Jolata Meters. Active testing during the measurement of link degradation and identification of capacity bottlenecks enables real-time validation of service assurance and correlate metrics that impact user experience. This has been observed post generation of end-to-end subscriber traffic and modeling complex call flows.

“It’s clear that today’s operators are struggling to accurately and fairly measure exactly what’s going on in their networks. Leveraging big data analytics to see with precision, in real-time, across any brand of equipment and across an entire network creates the opportunity to enable new services and new revenue for an operator. When combined with the powerful feature set of Spirent’s Landslide EDGE and CORE, it forms a compelling, end-to-end performance monitoring solution,” comments John Loiacono, CEO, Jolato.