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Spirent Introduces New TestCenter WLAN Solution with Advanced Features

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 22, 2016

SAN JOSE, CA: Spirent, a telecommunications testing company, releases its new TestCenter Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) test capability with high-performing and 802.11 WLAN multi-client emulation support. TestCenter WLAN enables functionality and performance testing of Access Points (APs) and end-to-end testing of WLAN ecosystems that also comprises of both WLAN access controllers and gateways.

Spirent TestCenter WLAN has wide range of applications that includes Multi-client WLAN network testing, personal and enterprise security verification, RFC-style testing with clients across APs through the WLAN RF interface. It also includes Baseline testing for traffic throughput, TCP goodput, forwarding rate and latency performance.

“The emergence of Wi-Fi technologies Users demands of Wi-Fi technologies to be ubiquitous, it allows network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) and network operators to scale up their Wi-Fi access points to carrier-grade and enterprise-grade technology, improving capacity, performance, reliability, and security,” says Abhitesh Kastuar, General Manager, Cloud and IP business, Spirent.

The product empowers the users to effectively validate and enhance the performance and scalability of WLAN infrastructure equipment. The new capability supports basic WLAN control plane and data plane features, in addition to network traffic and throughput performance test cases features .Spirent’s new test platform provides investment protection for clients, including flexible configurations and simple up-gradation to assist different testing demands and needs.The TestCenter solution contains the tests details of virtualization, cloud, mobile backhaul and high-speed Ethernet along with traditional performance testing.