Spirent Introduces Tech-X Flex Wi-Fi In-Home Test for Small Business Networks

By CIOReview | Friday, May 6, 2016
Nigel Greenaway, founder, Lexington Corporate Advisors

Nigel Greenaway, founder, Lexington Corporate Advisors

SAN JOSE, CA: Companies are using Wi-Fi technology to deliver anytime, anywhere access to high-quality voice, video and data services. Spirent Communications recently revealed Tech-X Flex (Flex) Wi-Fi In-Home Test Suite to help clients reduce the cost of installing and maintaining small business networks. The new Wi-Fi In-Home Test Suite is available with Spirent’s Flex In-Home Service Assurance System v6.50.

The Wi-Fi In-Home Test Suite offers extensive Wi-Fi testing capabilities, and helps users to verify the quality of the Wi-Fi interface, view connected devices, identify rogue clients and select optimal channels in environments with excessive interference. It allows identification of non-802.11 interference with a unique capability to spot highly-problematic sporadic interference. Companies can easily integrate this suite with Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) and Ethernet Test Suites for Flex, to offer an all-inclusive in-home test capability. “Wi-Fi is becoming the face of the service provider to customers. That means next-gen voice, video and data services over Wi-Fi need to deliver a great quality of experience regardless of the device used or location in the home,” says Des Owens, General Manager, Spirent.

The test suite incorporates video and data service quality tests coupled with Wi-Fi, MoCA and Ethernet network performance tests. Furthermore, it assists users to learn complex home networking technologies on the job by providing them an automated step-by-step guidance for tests. “Our goal is to automate assurance workflows across the Wi-Fi lifecycle, from installation through to operation, so that providers can deliver a consistently excellent service experience at the lowest possible operational expense,” adds Des.