Spireon Expands its Full Vehicle Life-Cycle Portfolio with Inilex

By CIOReview | Monday, July 27, 2015

IRVINE, CA: In a move to expand its full vehicle life-cycle portfolio, Spireon, provider of fleet tracking and GPS vehicle tracking devices for mobile assets, along with software has recently announced the acquisition of Inilex, provider of next-generation GPS car dealer services.

The acquisition enables Spireon to innovatively connect all major segments of the vehicle life cycle, ranging from new car dealers to used car dealers, fleets, lenders, insurance companies, and rental car fleets. It also expands Spireon’s strategy to offer rich services and business intelligence across any kind of vehicle.

Skylink, Inilex’s main product, replaces traditional theft recovery services like legacy radio sets having limited coverage with next-generation GPS services, that can be tracked with any internet connected device. With the combination of Skylink’s dedicated 24/7 call recovery center that works directly with local law enforcement and cloud-based phone applications, vehicles are recovered within minutes instead of waiting days. Skylink provides significantly greater value to the dealer by providing lot management functionality and enabling dealers to sell compelling add-on consumer applications.

Michael Maledon, CEO of Inilex, says, “This transaction allows us to scale our sales and marketing efforts to reach more dealers nationwide. Backed by world-class infrastructure, our customers gain the added assurance that Skylink will continue on our promise to deliver high value solutions and results.”