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'SPLICE' is Up with Enhanced Cloud Based Insurance Solutions

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 19, 2014

TORONTO: SPLICE Software, a provider of human voice messaging and automated customer engagement services, has recently introduced a series of cloud based solutions designed specifically for the insurance industry, reports MARKETWIRED.

SPLICE is known for their human voice messaging technology that personalize all customer messages and interactions with customer-specific, relevant information .The company  also  generates  messages to create a high level of trust and validity, driving higher attention spans and response rates.

SPLICE’s solutions for retail, credit, finance and insurance provide simple client experiences and engagements. The company works within the finance and insurance industry to build proactive customer retention programs that minimize attrition rates. Some of the interactive solutions include late payment reminders, fraud notifications system, update notifications and email capture programs.

"SPLICE is very excited about the natural fit of our personalized, proactive human voice messaging capabilities in supporting critical insurance customer interaction across the customer lifecycle," says Tara Kelly, CEO of SPLICE.

This new set of cloud-based solutions can be considered as an enhancement to the company’s existing finance and insurance industry solutions .Welcome and on boarding touch points, claim status notifications, account review appointments and additional product recommendations are some of added features.