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Splunk Launches its Security Solutions as Answer of Brutalities inside Organizations

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 2, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: At a recently held RSA Conference Splunk has disclosed its two new significant security/analytics and enterprise products with its latest version of Splunk User Behavior Analytics 2.2 (UBA) under its security analytics portfolio and Splunk Enterprise Security 4.1 (ES). The newly mentioned products will deliver the customers with best-in-class machine learning, anomaly detection, context-enhanced correlation and rapid investigation capabilities. UBA will lead the security organizations to stand up against brutalities such as threats, attacks and other abusive activities inside any organizations.

“Splunk UBA and Splunk ES play a vital role in helping to redefine the SIEM market. By enhancing Splunk UBA and expanding the ability for Splunk ES to ingest behavioral anomalies detected by Splunk UBA, we can make it easier for our customers to automate many typical SIEM tasks. Customers now leverage the power of data science with event-based correlation and ad-hoc searching to gain insight across the entire enterprise and improve security running Splunk UBA or Splunk ES in a standalone or integrated manner,” says  Haiyan Song, Senior Vice President, Splunk.

Splunk is known as a global platform provider of Operational Intelligence including innovative, disruptive solutions that makes machine data accessible, usable and valuable to its users. Its software and cloud services are currently used by more than 11,000 customers in over 110 countries. Its upcoming product, Splunk UBA 2.2 has data science and machine learning features that will protect the organizations from internal threats, and cyberattacks- by strongly detecting and investigating the organization’s insider activities. On the other hand organizations can experience better product detection and protections facilities by delivering Splunk’s UBA multi-entity behavior-based anomaly and threat information into Splunk ES. The company’s efficient features include threat detection framework to guide companies from detected anomalies whereas centralized incident review enhances the investigation procedures via Splunk ES. Its expanded threat intelligence platform supports industries for Facebook Threat Exchance. It provides greater contextual definitions with improved precision, prioritization and correlation of threats with new data sources.