Splunk Pitches Portfolio of Cloud Solutions, Offering Improved Operational Insights and Compliance

By CIOReview | Friday, October 16, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Splunk, a developer of software for searching, monitoring and analyzing machine generated massive amount of data is pitching a latest ‘Splunk App for Amazon Web Services (AWS)’ sporting ability to provide comprehensive security, better operational insights and compliance into AWS environments along with products which can secure the data in the cloud or on-premises.

Splunk Enterprise offers platform for Operational Intelligence by associating real-time data in a searchable repository. It aims to make machine data accessible across an organization for application management, while determining data patterns, providing metrics and diagnosing problems.

Splunk App for AWS will transform AWS CloudTrail- a web service that provides increased visibility into AWS user activity, AWS Config- a fully managed service that offers an AWS resource inventory, configuration history and configuration change notifications and Amazon CloudWatch, a monitoring service for AWS cloud resources as well as Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Flow logs into insightful dashboards.

Splunk App for AWS will enable organizations to move their mission critical workloads to the cloud and effectively maintain AWS logs including user activity, resource changes, topology and network traffic flows through centralized dashboards. Along with dashboards, the app features a pre-configured knowledge base of reports and alerts, delivering real-time visibility into AWS environment, topology dashboard helping professionals optimize resources and CIM compliant fields and tags integrating AWS data with other infrastructure and security data sources. It also provides support for VPC Flow Logs data.

Additionally, Splunk is introducing Splunk Cloud- a reliable SaaS platform for centralized visibility across cloud, hybrid and on-premises environments and enterprise-class security. It is backed by 100 percent uptime SLA and bestows instant access to apps such as Splunk App for Enterprise Security and Splunk App for AWS. Splunk  has also released Splunk App for Enterprise Security which will aid enterprises with solutions to identify and address emerging security threats through continuous monitoring, alerting, and analytics.

Further, Splunk is releasing ‘Splunk Light’ an advanced solution for small IT environments that automates log search and analysis and Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) to enable companies quickly visualize and understand dependencies and potential performance impact and run pre-defined correlation searches against learned indicators in order to generate notable events.