Sports AI Telling the Story of the Match with New Customizable Sports Widgets
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Sports AI Telling the Story of the Match with New Customizable Sports Widgets

By CIOReview | Monday, November 9, 2020

Artificial intelligence in sports is here to stay, and as technology improves, it's vitality also grows. 

FREMONT, CA: The frontier in sports AI, STATS releases the most comprehensive and customizable sports widgets to date. Using intuitive design, STATS Widgets provide short and medium-format sports content to fans, with an AI-based technology generating updates.  

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With second-screen experience becoming increasingly important, we designed these new widgets to create the ultimate fan experience across platforms. STATS Widgets harness specific data points to create a more holistic, engaging experience that connects fans with the content they want. Additionally, the interactive experience on Widgets are primed for sponsorship opportunities, driving new revenue streams for the media and technology providers that use them

As the competition for fan engagement increases across major global sporting events, technologies AI and machine learning offer new ways to deliver more sophisticated and connected data experiences. STATS is operating at the intersection of sports and technology to unite billions of people around the world through their passion for sports. It combines a customer-centric approach with the industry’s most profound data set and has invested heavily in new technologies like computer vision, machine learning and AI to provide fan engagement and team performance solutions to its global partners.

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The revolutionary leader of live sports data, STATS continues to speed innovation in the industry with the first-ever AI-powered technology. The world’s most innovative brands, technology companies, media, gaming, teams, and leagues trust STATS to provide world-class solutions to engage billions of fans. The company combines the industry’s fastest and most accurate data platform with video analysis, sports content and research, player tracking, and the latest in AI to provide unparalleled media and team performance solutions.

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