Sports Analytics Expands its Market, Smart Phones and Social Media Trend to Play Important Roles

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dublin, CA : Research and market announces the addition of Wintergreen Research INC’s new report “ Sports Analytics: Market shares, Strategies and Forecast Worldwide, 2015 to 2021, which reveled the market size to reach from $125 Mn to $4.7 Bn by 2021.

The usage of smart phones, social media trend, and cloud computing market penetration act as catalyst for sports analytics market expansion. Also sports league and department efforts paved a way to widen the market.   Information services will leverage automated process to leverage cloud computing services. The main feature of sports analytics is its predictive capabilities and coerces the use of real- time information for the improvement of the team.

Sports analytics technique help in designing a winning team, with implementation of metric functions and decrease the cost of paying players. This market focuses on the ability to increase winning percentage with better team management skills. The analytics techniques are used to improvise fan appeal by the team.

Analytics are used to build fantasy leagues, by gaining access to statistics that enhances their play of the game. It emphasis on exploring undiscovered talents of players and analyze team competitive capabilities.  The system benefits a player with competitive insights with teams when they present analysis about the players they represent.

With growing popularity of sports analytics system, sports team has discovered intelligent use of the system to dominate a league. The research proves with early adopters, analytics makes difference between winning and losing. The growing market opportunities have urged all teams, managers and fantasy sports players need to adopt possible solutions for desired outcomes.